A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You are a former experiment; Implanted with skills at the cost of most of the beauty in the world. The only thing even allowing you to see is the Power Core- without it everything would fade to black. You defend the last facility in the region known to have a working Power Core. In trying times you are put to the test when Gideon comes to salvage the facility. You must stop Gideon from overloading the facilities' power cells.

All Models, Code, and Music was made within the 48 hour time window for the Jam; with the exception of a few character models made by Epic Games for Paragon.

Used Assets:
Gideon and Sparrow
Amethyst Font
Sound Effects: Laser Beam, Ping Impact, Dart, Heavy Beam

GameJam submission created by team TehDoctor & RandyNewton
Music by Ian


SYN for macOS 663 MB
SYN for Windows 712 MB


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Hi, the game looks cool! I make music and sound fx for work, do you need some?